Client Referal Terms & Conditions

What is a Successful Referral?

For the purpose of the referral program, a successful referral occurs and a reward is redeemable when a ‘eligiable’ referee has completed a free phone consultation.

  1. The referral is a new client of DCS Group Aust Pty Ltd (DCS) and is not currently listed on any active DCS accounts, including other divisions of DCS Group.
  2. The referrer’s agreement must be active at the time of providing the referral up to the date the reward becomes redeemable.
  3. The referrer must have personal knowledge of the individual they are referring.
  4. The referrer must not be a person employed within the Financial Services Industry who derives their income either in part or solely from fees or commission payments from a Financial Services Provider.
  5. The referrer is not deemed to be acting as an agent or broker on behalf of the referee’s.
  6. The referral reward will be redeemable per referred customer and not per number of referred new agreements.
  7. The maximum number of persons a referrer can successfully refer within the referral program is 20 persons.

Tracking Your Referral

You will be able to track the success and status of your referrals.  You will receive an email from DCS notifying you on the success of any of your referrals.

Earning Your Referral Reward

For each successful referral, you will receive the applicable referral reward promoted at the time of capturing the referral.  The applicable reward will also be reflected against the referral status.

Additional Terms and Conditions

DCS reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Referral Program at any time for any reason.

DCS reserves the right to void any referred credits or transfers in the event DCS decides that you have violated any of these Terms and Conditions or did not act in good faith.


By participating in the DCS Group Referral Program you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions.