DCS Group Contact Details for Creditor Enquiries

Questions about dividends:

Ph: 1300 725 052  (option 3, option 2)

Email: admin_dcsgroup_email

Questions about a Debt Agreement being prepared:

Ph: 1300 725 052 (option 3, option 1)

Email: creditors_email_address

Report requests or Variations enquiries:

Ph: 1300 725 052 (option 3, option 2)

Email: creditors_email_address

Calling from New Zealand?

Ph: 00 61 7 3046 1801 

Standard Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:  8:30am – 5:00pm Queensland (AEST)

Creditor Guide to Debt Agreements

A debt agreement, or section IX of the bankruptcy act allows for insolvent debtors to make an agreement where their creditors receive an amount of money the debtor can afford. This amount is generally more than what the creditors would receive under bankruptcy. A debt agreement administrator, DCS Group, receives the payments from the debtor and distributes the payments.

As a creditor you will receive the ‘Official Receiver’s Report on Debt Agreement Proposal’, copies of the debt agreement proposal, explanatory statement, a statement of claim and voting form.  Creditors are asked to vote on the proposal by returning the statement of claim and voting (SOCAV) form by a nominated date.

Creditors may vote yes or no or may abstain and, by lodging a completed SOCAV, provide details of their claim for dividend purposes.  The voting period is generally five weeks.

What Debts are “provable” under bankruptcy , i.e. included in the debt agreement.

Credit CardsProvableYou can vote
Personal LoanProvableYou can vote
Trade CreditorProvableYou can vote
UtilitiesProvableYou can vote
WagesProvableYou can vote
Legal FeesProvableYou can vote
Medical FeesProvableYou can vote
Pay Day LoansProvableYou can vote
RentProvableYou can vote

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