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Why Thousands Of People Partner with DCS Group to Resolve Debt

DCS Group is a simple solution to debt. We assess financial situations over the phone, and in less than 10 minutes we provide solutions to personal debt. Once approved, we take control of the debt allowing our clients to get on with the important things in life.

Over 50,000 people sought our advice in the last year!


No Limits

Relief from $8,000 of debt and up

We offer fast debt relief for Australians with more than $8,000 of unsecured debts. This includes credit cards, personal loans, taxes, medical & legal fees, utility bills, Centrelink debts and more.

We Handle the paperwork

Easy application

Applying with Debt Mediators is easy. There’s no more confusing paperwork or awkward face-to-face meetings. We prepare all the forms and send it to you instantly, which you can sign digitally on your computer or smartphone.

Be Debt-Free, Fast!

Debt is reduced, Interest frozen

We negotiate with creditors to write-off any debt our clients cannot afford, while freezing interest/fees. Once we reach an agreement and the formal documents are lodged, you’ll be debt free in just 2-5 years.



Free Consultation

Parting with more money is the last thing debt stressed people need, which is why our phone consultations are completely free!  Our consultations are also free of pressure, judgement, obligation and offshore agents.

Quick Answers

Our experts are highly trained, and know debt like the back of their hand. This means fast answers with the right solution, every time. We assess financial situations and design plans to set people free in less than 10 minutes.

Reduce & Combine

We’re dedicated to getting our clients debt free as fast as legally possible. By combining payments and paying creditors our clients enjoy one easy to manage, reduced payment. Which means peace of mind and more money in pockets.

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